City of Erlanger Employment Application - to be used when applying for any position with the City of Erlanger, KY

Civilian Auto Accident Report - to be used when no official police report has been filed. Complete the form, save a copy for yourself and your insurance company and submit the original to the address listed at the top of the front page within 10 days.

Open Records Request - to be completed when requesting copies of police reports

Criminal History Background Check - to be used when requesting a background check on yourself, non-profits, licensing/others and government

Citizen's Police Academy - application to be completed when applying for the Citizen's Police Academy

Volunteers in Police Service - application to be completed when applying for the VIPS Program.

Pre-Polygraph Questionnaire - for use by individuals in the pre-employment process.

Community Watch - Complete this online form if you'd like officers to check your house while you are away.  

Emergency Business Information - Businesses can use this to report contact information for after hours contact if needed   

Special Needs Registry-Register a loved one in the event they are considered missing.