Excellent Service Through Teamwork

      Rick Bogard : Director of Public Works     
rick.bogard@erlangerpw.com or 859-727-3893


"Mission Statement" 

           "Performing collectively to provide exemplary services for our community with integrity and pride"

Vision Statement:

The Erlanger Public Works Department strives for continuous improvement of quality customer services such as: leaf collection, grounds/parks maintenance, street repair & maintenance, street sweeping, street sign maintenance, right of way upkeep, and general management of the aesthetic appearance of the community through the most efficient use of its resources.  

Assistant Director:

   Ed Millican      ed.millican@erlangerpw.com

                           Phone: 859-727-7998


Council Members Tom Cahill and Don Skidmore serve on the Public Works Committee.                                                                                                                                         


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